March 16th, 17th and 18th, 2017 Westfield Community School

Starring Edit

Ava Abad - Solider

Brooke Bauman

Sadie Boehm

Julia Brousseau

Jade Escalante

Ryan Frantik as Shang

Abby Gjata in Ensemble

Hannah Goldberg as the Matchmaker

Jonathan Guerrero in Ensemble

Brooke Jones as Ling

John Kaiser

Alyssa Kuphal

Ana Lohman-Meza

Sarah Marrs

Chris May

Jailynn Mills

Dominic Moscatello

Jamie Panek

Jacob Perez

Veronica Perez

Tessa Pickens in Ensemble

Katie Puente in Ensemble

Alex Quast as Shan-Yu

Diego Rivera as Ancestor

Jaclyn Schmidt as Grandmother Fa

Lillian Schmidt in Ensemble

Allison Soheil as Yao

Jaelyn Sproule as Mulan

Haley Stillwood

Torben Strobel

Julian Suarez

Diana Vesselinova as Fa Li

George Whitney as The Emperor

Sarah Whitney as a Warrior

Diane Zepka as a Warrior

Crew Edit

Stage Direction by Mrs. Piel

Produced by Mr. Fodor

Assistant Producer Mr. Wagner

Music Direction by Mrs. Piel

Choreography by Ms. Chandler

Set Design by Mrs. Murray

Stage Managers Kathryn McAuliffe and Connor Frank

Assistants Anya Wieczorek Allie Skuza and Colleen Ebil

Microphones / Sound

Paddy Basovsky

Olivia Ottesen

Luke Anderson

Kiera Collier

Chandler Rogaskie

Sam Melgosa

Elijah lewis

Japneet Chhabra


Naomi Clark

Emma Manikowski

Ella Stumpf



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